Martbits Data Systems (MDS) is a registered computer solutions provider company based in Nakuru, Kenya. We have grown from humble beginnings, therefore we value each and every client we continue to serve. With our team of qualified professionals we believe no problem is too big or too small for us.

Who we are

We are a small but well established team of forward thinking, highly experienced individuals who have a passion for turning your business information management ideas into reality. Martbits was founded to take the lead by offering customers complete solutions they can always depend on.

In an ever-growing and rapidly evolving market for information technology and system integration, we recognized the need of a company that can offer high quality IT solutions.
Our professional, collaborative, open and friendly approach always delivers end products that exceed our customer's expectations. We are here to support you and your business for as long as you need us.

We continue to seek innovation and strive to exceed excellence through innovative product design, core technology advancement, and expansion in our products development.

We are committed to research, development and further advancement of our products and solutions to seize emerging growth opportunities. This ensures Martbits has technological advantages to design, develop, and implement high value-added solutions for our customers that meet our goal of harmonizing humanity with technology.

What we do

Our core business is analysis, design and realization of complete information solutions for business administration, financial management as well as all subsidiary business activities.

In addition to our core business we expect product diversification into other related areas to accelerate gradually in coming years.

We are committed to the following main principles:-

  • Quality – Our team invests time, money and resources necessary to ensure the desired quality and growth in terms of the rapidly evolving market.
  • Service – Our services must complement quality. Only by understanding the needs of our customers, enables us provide high quality services and maintain our leading position in the market.
  • Efficiency – We believe that the best way to improve productivity is to provide our team with the opportunity to learn and improve their personal skills and areas of expertise.
  • Innovation – Long-term success can only be assured by cultivating new ideas, that is why we encourage our team to be creative.

Our Mission

Designing, developing and implementing flexible, reliable IT solutions that meet specific business requirements.

Our Vision

To enable businesses easily manage and enhance their operations through the use of cost effective IT solutions thereby taking advantage of current and future technologies.

Our Corporate Strategy

We emphasize on customer-centric thinking to provide "Value to the User".
In order to maximize value created for our customers, we focus on knowledge sharing, product innovation, cost control, high quality delivery, and superior business conduct.

Our Corporate Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy centers on you, the customer. We have found that once a customer finds a trustworthy solutions provider like us, they become regular and loyal clients. We realize this and strive to continuously put our customer's needs above all.